The Cleaning Equipment You Must Provide A Maid Service

There are different tools and equipment’s out there that are helpful to lessen the hard work of cleaning. Different cleaning equipment means different cleaning purposes and results. Professional cleaning services have more advanced and useful cleaning tools and equipment’s compared to a hired maid or personnel. In addition, when it comes to a bond cleaning wen you want to move out, cleaning will take much time similar to a general cleaning.

It’s important that maid service are equipped and provides these equipments and tools for the most demanding cleaning jobs that manual cleaning cannot achieve.

Cleaning Tools And Equipment’s

All-Purpose Cleaner – These are used mostly in counter-tops, stove tops and sinks.

Microfiber cloth – This cloth does more than the traditional cleaning towels or cloth that is bought in department stores. It’s made from polyester, knitted and soft making it safer to use unlike cotton that leaves lints, residues and stains in the cloth.

Duster – Dusters are the basic tools in regular cleaning. It removes dusts, cobwebs and other unwanted particles hanging in your ceilings or on surfaces. There are extendable dusters that are available for the hard to reach areas on the ceilings and vents.

Sponges – These are the basic tools when cleaning. Whether on the surfaces or in the nooks and crannies. In pots or within the cracks, sponges are made to clean these nasty areas in kitchens and bathrooms.

Vacuum Cleaner – Most residential and commercial spaces has vacuum cleaners. Tested to clean great results especially on the carpets and rugs.

Rotarized Polisher – This is advance cleaning equipment used by some cleaning companies. It polishes the floors of commercial buildings especially in important areas such as lobbies and lounges. Most effective when used with solutions.

Bucket – It makes cleaning easy without going to and fro at the sink and wash area.

Microfiber mop – Mops have been tested as one of the most efficient tools in cleaning stains and other residues on the floor or wet and slippery surfaces. Different flooring’s also requires the use of different mops. With the technology, some mops has static that lift hairs, furs and thin threads with it.

Rubber gloves – It’s important to protect your hands from harmful and strong solutions or treated water to avoid contamination of bacteria to your hands.

Water Scraper – These could be for floors or for windows depending on the size. It removes excess waters on floors leaving it clean.