The Difference Between Regular And End-Of-Lease Cleaning

With the busy lifestyle of people nowadays, cleaning is considered to be an annoying task to do. However, knowing how important it is for everyone to maintain a clean environment for them to live in, most people think of hiring carpet cleaners. Not only those people who have their own house should value cleaning but also those people are renting a property. In fact, cleaning the property is one of their responsibilities aside from paying the rent on time and maintaining the condition of the property. You have to identify what type of cleaning service you need before you hire a carpet cleaner.

What Cleaning Service You Should Look For

There are different types of cleaning services that you can get. Some needs the service when moving in the property while some hire cleaners for regular cleaning. On the other hand, you might also need to get the service when planning to move out of the property which is called the bond clean. Bond clean or the end-of lease cleaning is something that tenants should give importance to if they want to get back the full bond amount. Landlords will check the property before you can leave to make sure that there is no damage and the property is totally clean.

A bond clean is far different from a regular type of cleaning because the first one requires a thorough clean from all parts of the house. Tenants should carefully check the windows, walls, and even the carpets for them to get the bond. It is not like cleaning the house in a regular basis because in bond clean, it is best that you get help from professional cleaners. Aside from the fact that they are aware of the different cleaning methods, they are also equipped with the latest cleaning materials and make use of environmentally friendly products.

Regular cleaning is something that you should do everyday like sweeping the floors or wiping the dirt from your windows. However, in end-of-lease cleaning you will have to do it before you leave the property that you are renting. It takes longer time of cleaning for a bond clean compared to regular cleaning that can be done for 2 to 3 hours only. As a result, bond clean can be more expensive than regular cleaning. If the landlord is satisfied with the condition of the property, then the tenant can get the bond amount.