Which Is Better: A Regular Housekeeper, Or Cleaning Teams?

A housekeeper and a cleaning team. You may be wondering which one is better. They may seem to be the same thing, but no. They actually involve two very different jobs and duties. How could that be? Simple. It depends on the number of services you need, the extent of what service you need for you home, and how often you are needing the service.

For example, are you looking for someone to clean your kitchen, to scrub the toilets and to make your appliances shiny clean? Or, are you looking for someone to regularly change the bed sheets, to wash and put away dishes, and to do some meal preparation?

Housekeeper vs. Cleaning Team

Before we get to decide which one is better, we have to make a further differentiation between housekeepers and cleaning teams. Housekeepers are the individuals who remain in the house for a longer period of time, and may have many projects within the home to keep them busy. A housekeeper is usually hired by a family who provides everything needed for the housekeeping job, and those supplies and materials shall stay in the home. Some of the services done by a housekeeping include: light cleaning (not deep cleaning), dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing and drying dishes, washing clothes, changing bed linens and making beds, separating and removing garbage, restocking personal care products, picking up toys and/or clutter and other general organizing, running errands for the family, preparing meals, replacing light bulbs, scooping litter boxes, and other light duties as requested by the house owner.

On the other hand, cleaning teams are cleaners who arrives on a scheduled day and time with all the proper cleaning supplies, products and equipment with them. They are usually at home for a specific amount of time and take their supplies with them when they leave. They may be independently employed or under a house cleaning company. Their services include: deep cleaning the rooms, cleaning kitchens from top to bottom, scrubbing and sanitizing bathrooms from top to bottom, dusting some light furniture and fixtures, vacuuming upholstery and carpet, vacuuming and mopping hard floors, and interior window cleaning.

Determining which is better depends on your home’s needs. If you think your home needs some light-duty work with some organizing thrown in, that’s for a housekeeper. If your house is looking for a top-to-bottom cleaning of your home, that’s for the cleaning team.

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